Pots and Co seeks part-time pudding taster for work-from-home role

Pots and Co
Image credit: @pots_and_co

Something for the weekend: Luxury dessert organisation Pots and Co is seeking a part-time pudding taster to offer feedback on its chocolate and fruit-filled delicacies for a wage of £15 an hour.

Pots and Co posted the job advertisement on its LinkedIn page, asking for sweet-toothed dessert lovers to apply for the drool-inducing role of professional pudding taster.

The position involves working from home once a month for a three-month period, making it ideal for candidates looking to build a rich work-life balance. Furthermore, it also provides a tasty salary of £15 an hour, to line the selected employee’s pockets as well as their stomach.

Pots and Co will send the chosen dessert aficionado products from its different ranges, including its decadent chocolate ganaches and fruity possets; the pudding taster will then have to provide honest feedback on flavour, appearance and texture.

To excel at this role, Pots and Co has asked that its new pudding taster has a passion for puds, is good with words and descriptive language, is honest when delivering feedback and is eager to munch through an entire menu of dessert options. Those with dietary restrictions, food intolerances or allergies should skip the application process because some treats contain gluten, nuts and dairy.

Applicants are required to submit their interest by emailing Pots and Co with 150 words explaining what puddings mean to them.

The job posting on LinkedIn reads: “Do you decide your pudding before your main because it’s the most important course of the day? Do you have a secret sweet treat stash hidden away at all times? Is your idea of heaven puddings sent straight to your doorstep for the rest of 2019?

“If you’re a self-confessed sweet-tooth then we want you to be our official Pots and Co pudding taster.

“At Pots and Co we create exceptional puddings from our London kitchen for people all across the UK to enjoy. As a pudding connoisseur, your feedback will be crucial to ensuring our puddings remain top notch.

“You’ll also [be] getting an exclusive preview of exciting new recipes in development at our HQ to join our classic favourites, including Salted Caramel and Chocolate Ganache and Lemon and Lime Posset.

“Receiving batches of puddings for you to enjoy at home, you’ll be asked to indulge in these at your own time and pace, noting your feedback as you go.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we think we have found our new calling with this lip-smacking job role, earning £15 an hour to polish off rounds of desserts. It is lucky this is a work-from-home position, as we could get in quite a mess with all this chocolate…