Podcast: Zappi offers a flexible employee experience for a global workforce

Listen: From its journey as a tech start-up through to a scale-up firm, consumer insights platform Zappi has turned its focus to remaining competitive while offering an attractive employee experience.

In this episode of the Employee Benefits podcast, Tom Hollis, chief people officer, discusses how Zappi builds on its employee-centric culture to offer its geographically-dispersed workforce valuable benefits that support their financial, physical and mental wellbeing. Part of this includes mental health days for all employees, flexible working and uncapped holiday.

At a glance

Zappi is a market research automation and marketing technology firms. It has 300 employees around the world based from hubs in the UK, United States and South Africa. Some of its typical job roles include software engineering, product management, sales, customer success, marketing, finance, legal and HR.

The average age of staff is 35 and the average length of service is 4.1 years.

Primary business objectives that impact on benefits for the coming year:

To increase profit

Career history

Tom Hollis was a founding employee of Zappi in 2013. As a member of a start-up, Hollis had to wear many hats, including leading the product function.

Hollis says: “After some reflection, I realised the parts of the job I loved were working with people and developing great work cultures, so the shift to HR around six years ago made sense.

“I’m most proud to get Zappi off the ground, then to help shepherd it through a number of iterations to the successful company it is today. I’m particularly proud of the way we led the company during the pandemic, and the care and thought we put into supporting our team through a really difficult period.”