Podcast: GB Bank creates unique benefits proposition as a new organisation

Photo credit: Tom Banks

Listen: Specialist bank GB Bank faced the challenge of growing and creating its benefits proposition against the backdrop of the pandemic, following its launch in 2017. However, focusing on its employee value proposition during such a tumultuous time meant that it could work closely with its workforce to create a package that they truly wanted and valued.

Chief people officer, Jenna Baker, explains how the organisation went about designing a benefits strategy to attract and retain the very best talent in the market, that provides flexibility and wellbeing support for staff, and helps the bank stand out against competitors.

At a glance

GB Bank is a specialist bank that aims to provide financial support to property developers in underserved regions in the UK. It received its UK banking licence in October 2021 and is expected to recieve its full licence this year.
The bank provides accessible, property development loan products for sustainable and zero carbon developments and rewards for developers committed to creating local employment opportunities.
GB Bank currently has 38 employees and some of its typical job roles are relationship managers, credit partners, lending support and customer experience, as well as operations and executive committee members. 

Primary business objectives that impact employee benefits

  • Receiving its full banking licence will present the opportunity to signal the shift in moving to a live trading business by bringing its people proposition up to speed. It will be evolving its reward aspect and looking at new ways to make sure its benefits reflect its sustainability goals.


Career history

Photo credit: Tom Banks
Photo credit: Tom Banks

Jenna Baker is chief people officer at GB Bank and joined in August 2021. Throughout her career she has worked with high-growth start-ups to help them to create the right conditions for high performance and workplaces employees love.

She has worked in multiple sectors over her 20-year career, with the bulk of it being spent in financial technology. As part of her role as head of people experience at Nucleus, Baker developed a user experience, design-thinking approach to people and development that led to high levels of employee engagement.

As well as her role at GB Bank, Baker founded The Good Work Project, which focuses on creating cultures that change the world of work for the better, one experience at a time.