Is pet pampering coming to a workplace near you?

damedeeso wellness spa wash sponge dog

Something for the weekend: Much has been said about how animals can help to reduce stress and enhance levels of wellbeing. Indeed, firms such as Uber have been directly applying this to the office environment by enabling employees in North America to pet kittens for 15 minutes, and offering a similar puppy service to staff in Australian workplaces.

Now clinical pet behaviourists, supported by The Health Insurance Group, are piloting schemes designed to entice pets into the workplace by providing them with luxury treatments.

Pets can indulge in paw pedicures, dog aromatherapy and canine zumba to ensure their health and wellbeing is adequately maintained in the office.

The well-rounded scheme also takes into account dogs’ emotional wellbeing by offering matchmaking apps that help them find suitable canine friends and partners.

Jermaine Shepherd, pet scientist at The Health Insurance Group, said: “A dog in work optimises opportunities for exercise, giving pet owners an excuse to get out and fit a walk into their lunch break, while a few playful minutes with a pet stimulates the production of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin and stifles the stress hormone cortisol.

“We also know that watching an adorable pooch has the capacity to boost morale and wellbeing, in some cases, worries and deadlines just melt away.

“Dogs will be barking mad to pass on an opportunity like this. Who else gets to go to work and spend the day being pampered?”

At Employee Benefits HQ we are wondering whether this five-star pampering service will be available past 1 April.