Each Person reveals results of employee survey

Results garnered from a survey of 700 employees of a major UK employer

 Key highlights:

  • 91% of employees feel valued, but of those who don’t 60% had not received recognition through the programme
  • Employees value a simple thank you almost as much as a salary increase
  • Peer to peer recognition is critical, but it varies greatly geographically with employees from London and the South 15X more likely to receive recognition from a peer than those in Scotland and the North

A survey carried out six months following the adoption of Each Person, the recognition and rewards scheme fuelled by epoints, by a major UK employer highlighted the importance of a simple thank you and peer to peer recognition as well as high levels of engagement in the programme.

91% of employees surveyed said that they felt valued by their employer; of the 9% who did not feel valued, 60% said they had never, or did not know whether they had, received recognition and rewards though Each Person. 70% of employees overall have received recognition through the scheme, with employees from London and the South recognised more than their peers across the UK.

By contrast, a recent national employee market research survey carried out by Each Person, showed that over half of employees felt that they were not recognised, appreciated or valued by their employers. The survey also revealed that over 50% of employees were likely to take a new job in the new year.

When asked what would make them feel more valued in the workplace, 52% of employees said a salary increase. That said, almost half (48%) said a simple thank you would make them feel more valued. 32% said a reward for a job well done.

Matt Norbury, CEO of Each Person, said: “Salary is not the ‘be all and end all’. While remuneration is of course important to employees, they also need to feel valued in the workplace. When you consider Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, salary is a basic need. To help employees fulfil their psychological needs, employers must do more to show their staff that they are appreciated. As the survey results highlight, a simple thank you is hugely important to employees.”

The Each Person company recognition scheme enables employers to send non-monetary value digital ecards to employees as a simple acknowledgement. Employers can also attach the epoints currency to an ecard as a special reward. epoints can be spent on the widest range of rewards in the world.

71% of employees said that they valued recognition and rewards from any colleague. That said, peer to peer recognition varied greatly geographically, with employees from London and the South receiving 15 times more recognition from their colleagues than their peers in Scotland and the North.

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Norbury continues: “Company-wide recognition is critical, with peer to peer recognition being just as important as top-down recognition. Businesses need to create a culture of recognition and rewards across all levels of the business by providing employees with simple tools to show appreciation to their colleagues.”

The Each Person recognition and rewards scheme facilitates peer to peer recognition. Employees can send simple ecards to each other via the epoints website and they can also share their epoints with peers. ecards can be sent to acknowledge a peer’s help or hard work, or simply to say thank you or to recognise a birthday or special occasion.