Pension Wise — now taking calls…

Those with decent-length memories will recall that in the 2014 Budget statement George Osborne announced the new (and entirely unexpected) pension freedoms. The new rules come fully into force in less than two weeks.

You may also recall that he promised that every saver would have access to free and impartial guidance to help people understand the significant range of choice now available to them. This second promise has arguably proved more problematic for the government to deliver than the first, and it is only now (very much the eleventh hour) that the service is finally taking shape.

The service is called Pension Wise, and the website has been in existence for some time.  It is now possible to also contact the service via the phone to book a consultation.  The number to use is 030 0330 1001.

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The phone service will be manned seven days a week between 08:00 and 22:00.

For more details on the service, please visit the Pension Wise website.