Paul Hastings offers 1,600 employees access to Covid-19 hardship fund

Global law firm Paul Hastings has launched a special fund to financially support any of its 1,600 employees needing assistance during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

The fund, which is part of the organisation’s PH balanced initiative, has been generated through donations by employees, which have been matched by Paul Hastings.

These grants will be available to all employees regardless of experience, seniority, or position within the business, and will not replace any current employee benefits that the business offers.

Employees will be able to request usage of this hardship fund after explaining their situations to line managers where it will then be decided how much they need to be fully supported financially.

To further support employees, the organisation has been running seminars for employees working remotely, showing them how to stay positive and work from home in a productive manner.

Seth Zachary, chairman at Paul Hastings, said: “At Paul Hastings, we recognise that some of our colleagues are in significant distress, and we strongly believe that we are better off facing these unprecedented circumstances together.”

“Our year-on-year strong performance allows us to help people individually and collectively, a fact we are very proud of as a firm. We will continue to put our people and clients first as we look to navigate this unprecedented time.”