PageGroup incentivises employees to find out more about their flexible benefits package


Recruitment organisation PageGroup has found a fun way of promoting its flexible benefits offering to all 1,500 of its employees, across 25 UK locations.

The organisation decided that just inviting staff to a presentation to find out more about the flexible benefits package was not tempting enough, so it entered every employee attending the roadshow into a prize draw, providing the chance to win prizes such as rugby tickets, gadgets, wearable devices and electric toothbrushes.

Michelle Weston, global mobility manager at PageGroup, says it got people engaged and talking: “We appreciate that our employees are busy, so trying to get someone along to a presentation is quite challenging. So, we did a prize draw and part of the draw was you had to attend the presentation, and that’s how we got people to talking about it. We reached out to our suppliers and asked them if they were willing to donate something, and they donated some great prizes.”

PageGroup has put a lot of thought into communicating its flexible benefits package since it launched at the end of 2016, and is keen to keep levels of engagement high.

Prior to launching its benefits portal, PageGroup conducted focus groups and sent out surveys to ensure it was getting maximum employee input. It took on board the feedback it collated, discovering that staff in the UK wanted more transparency when it came to their benefits, and more education surrounding what was on offer. When it first launched, 90% of employees logged into the system, and just over half (51%) made changes to their existing benefits package.

“One of the things we wanted was the wow factor at the forefront, and we wanted to ensure engagement, because if employees aren’t engaged, they won’t take up the products,” says Weston. “It is important that the benefits package we offer is individual and suits all of our employees’ needs. We appreciate that everyone is different and, although the average age is 27 years old, we have employees who are younger or older. We wanted all of our employees to have the ability, choice and freedom to make the best decisions for them. By offering a flexible benefits portal it means we are offering employees a wide range of benefits that suits everyone. We want to be able to give employees the freedom and flexibility on all of the key things we have to offer, and we want to use it as an attraction tool to gain and retain employees.”

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