Oakland City Council introduces 80 hours paid sick leave for employees

Oakland City Council passes law ensuring staff receive 80 hours sick pay

Oakland City Council in the US has voted unanimously to pass an emergency paid sick leave act for employees working in the city of Oakland, California.

The new bill means employers with over 50 employees will be required by law to pay staff for 80 hours of sick leave, with immediate effect.

The council in the coming weeks will also be introducing a ‘Right to Recall law’ to ensure that Oakland employees have the right to return or be rehired by their employers who laid them off due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Sheng Thao, council member at Oakland City Council, said: β€œThe Coronavirus crisis has exposed the deep flaws in our economic system and leaves thousands of essential staff at risk.β€œ

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“This ordinance will ensure every full-time employee has 80 hours of sick pay compensated at their normal wage level so if they are exposed to Coronavirus, they can take the time to get better without financial hardship. By allowing workers exposed to Coronavirus to self-isolate without fear of financial hardship, this ordinance will also slow the spread of the virus.”

β€œWe are facing an unprecedented public health emergency and economic downturn and our role as policymakers are to ensure our employees are not only protected from this pandemic but have their jobs and livelihoods protected as well. This is why I have been fighting hard for these two important pieces of legislation and why I am so thankful that my colleagues on the council saw the importance of our paid sick leave ordinance.”