Nick de Mestre: Create a brand which puts talent, retention and engagement first

Nick de Mestre

Now more than ever, organisations must be both commercially successful and morally sound to survive. Authenticity is increasingly important to employees, and no business has the right to exist, but rather a license to operate; at a time of increased scrutiny and demands for transparency, this license could be brought down by something as simple as a tweet.

So, how can an employer ensure its corporate ethos, the set of values it both stands for and actively seeks to improve, is not only morally sound, but enables it to attract and retain the best staff?

The key to success lies in understanding where the organisation sits within the wider industry landscape. Then, not only are employers able to lead by example, but they are able to more effectively attract the most talented professionals out there.

At Landsec, we know how important it is to openly address challenges both from inside and outside of our business. We have created an ethos which maintains our reputation and actively engages both current and prospective employees.

Our relentless focus on sustainability is just one of the areas we continue to champion. For us, that does not just mean being green; it encompasses everything from our science-based targets to reduce energy and environmental impact, right through to our community engagement programmes, which have, for example, helped more than a thousand people re-enter the workplace.

Those are just the headlines; as we head into 2019 and beyond, it is crucial that we continue to strive for success across a myriad of key issues. From our responsibilities as an employer to our responsibilities as a property developer, our ultimate belief in honesty and openness, alongside our daily focus on accountability from the top down, is what has kept me, and countless others, at Landsec.

Nick de Mestre is head of investment portfolio at commercial property development and investment organisation Landsec