This week is National Careers Week, and although the purpose of NCW is to celebrate and focus on the free career advice available to those still in education, there’s a broader discussion to be had.

For HR professionals, it’s an opportunity to participate in job fairs and put your organisation in front of the workforce of tomorrow. By speaking with those yet to embark on their career journey, you can learn what matters to this next generation of workers, which will help you shape your Employee Value Proposition and Employer Brand.

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We can offer some insight on Gen Z from one of our clients, Ian Hodson, Head of Reward/Deputy Director of HR Reward and Benefits at the University of Lincoln. Speaking at EB Live in 2022, Ian shared research highlighting that:

  • 62% of graduates prioritise a work-life balance
  • Graduates see themselves staying with a business for a maximum of 2 years

In this blog, we take a look at: changing careers, retaining your talent, changing roles within a business, and your employee value proposition.