Moneypenny aims to keep employees happy and safe in the summer months

Moneypenny employees summerThe key for Moneypenny is to keep its employees happy and safe in the sunnier months, while also providing them with tools to experience the best of summer and that support their health and wellbeing.

The outsourced communications provider invested a lot of time in creating an environment where its employees want to work, and its workspaces were designed around their preferences. It has open spaces both inside and out, including sun terraces with lots of shelter, so installed smart heating and ventilation systems to ensure that the building and office space is cool and fresh and there is no glaring sunshine. All desks are situated near to windows that have lots of natural light, because it believes fresh, good quality air is good for business all year around.

It also has a host of initiatives to encourage people to get out from behind their desks, such as kayaks and bikes in a free-to-borrow activity cupboard, and sun cream and picnic blankets to aid safe sun exposure in its outdoor spaces. There are also summer socials, barbecues and a summer fete planned for this year, as well as group lunchtime activities and woodland walks.

Part of the Moneypenny culture is maintaining a healthy work-life balance, so employees are advised to take regular breaks as a matter of course, whatever the time of the year, explains Hannah Williams Skinner, working life manager at Moneypenny.

β€œIn summer, we have regular visits from the local ice-cream van and we ensure that there are lots of refreshing food options in the canteen, such as extra cold drinks, frozen yoghurt, and salads,” she says. “For all of this, we re-enforce the message in all of our communications. Workplace by Meta is a great tool for reminding our people of the activities and keeping safe.”

Moneypenny acknowledges that the changing seasons can have an impact on how people feel and perform and that looking after employee wellbeing means different things throughout the year. It believes it is important to reflect this in the support it offers, as well as providing a mix of options as no one size fits all. All year round, employees have access to its 24/7 GP service and employee assistance programme, which provides articles and access to support alongside featured topics of note to help build healthy habits.

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Feeling heard and valued is a powerful wellbeing tool, says Williams Skinner, who feels it is critical to listen to employees and get them involved with concerns and solutions.

β€œWe’re always trying new things and coming up with more ideas on how to improve,” she adds. “People will always naturally be influenced by the seasons, mentally and physically and it is important to listen to our people and ensure we are equipped to provide a safe, happy and fun environment where each individual can thrive, come rain or shine.”