Just 12% of organisations currently measure gender pensions gap

12% of organsiations currently measure gender pensions gaps

Just over one in 10 (12%) of organisations proactively measure their gender pensions gap, according to research by Employee Benefits.

The Employee Benefits Pensions research 2020, which surveyed 94 pension strategy decision-makers, found that while many organisations are proactively working towards closing the much-publicised gender pay gap, the proportion that say they are actively measuring their gender pensions gapĀ is four percentage points lower than the 16% of respondents that did so in 2019.

This year, almost one-fifth (18%) of respondents say they are planning on looking at this, which still leaves the majority (70%) that are not planning to measure the gender pensions gap for the foreseeable future.

Among those respondents that have, or are planning to, put measures in place to tackle the gender pensions gap, 17% of respondents are focused on communicating the impact of leave, such as maternity or parental leave on pensions saving, 16% of respondents are offering parents the opportunity to share parental leave and 14% are allowing employees to top up their pensions following a period of leave.

Do respondents measure the gender pensions gap in their organisation?

The measures respondents have, or are planning to, put in place to tackle the gender pensions gap

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