Marketing industry spends the most on staff perks


New research has highlighted that employees in the marketing industry have the most money spent on them through workplace perks each year, with an average amount of £1,179.56 per person.

The findings from Hampers and gifts business Cartwright and Butler surveyed 2,011 UK workers to uncover which industries have the most generous employers. The data revealed that marketing came out on top, with these professionals enjoying employee benefits such as parties, events and training.

Marketing was followed by financial and professional services staff, who have £1,091.60 per year spent on them, and construction workers, who get perks worth £967.39. The industry with the least money spent on workplace benefits is the third sector at just £332.62 per year, with utilities employees receiving perks worth slightly more at £359.48.

Regarding the perks workers get across the UK, the most popular overall is flexible working hours, with 28% receiving this benefit. Next is employee discounts (24%) and free food and drink (20%), while more than one in 10 (11%) get office holidays and 9% have a free gym membership.

Gemma Barton, head of marketing at Cartwright and Butler, commented that with members of staff now returning to the office and normality resuming for many, it has never been more important to reward employees for their performance to ensure they feel valued.

“Work perks help to recruit and retain top employees, boost morale, and improve culture. They’re essential for a thriving workplace. By offering perks it shows employees that they’re appreciated and their commitment to a business is recognised,” she said.

Barton added that it has been a “tough year” for everyone, and returning to working life will take a lot of getting used to, especially for those that have been on furlough. “Rewarding them with something as a little thank-you will go a long way,” she concluded.