Manchester Young Professionals partner with new employee wellbeing app

Manchester Young Professionals (MYP) is partnering with Myles Wellbeing to promote the importance of workplace wellbeing, particularly in desk-based jobs.

Myles Wellbeing is an inclusive app for employers who want to support their employees with leading healthy lives and rewards them for doing so. Designed to encourage individuals in teams and organisations to become more physically active, it provides motivation through gamification including trophies, points and challenges. The platform also harnesses powerful social dynamics through interaction with peers.

Manchester Young Professionals is a community group which aims to provide young people with the tools they need to connect and develop in their chosen industries, while also providing them with access to a multifaceted community that supports their career goals.

MYP promotes the entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals who are making Manchester such a vibrant, talented, and innovative city. In their latest partnership, they have teamed up with Myles Wellbeing who are sponsoring their run club as well as health and wellbeing classes.

First launched in 2021 during the pandemic, the MYP run club had a record turnout in their first week of 2023 as professionals within Manchester met to run around the city. They now have over 700 members and use a group Strava to track everyone’s activities, motivating each other to get moving.

Similarly, MYP’s partner Myles Wellbeing motivates people to move more. The Myles app moves past regular step challenges as it normalises activities and sports so that everyone can see themselves on a fair leaderboard, no matter how they exercise.

The leaderboards reward individual improvement as well as total effort, making it a level playing field for different fitness levels. The new Myles Wellbeing app also connects with over 30 smartwatches and fitness apps, allowing users to compete with colleagues and earn rewards for hundreds of activities and sports.

Myles Wellbeing spoke to Richard Tyrell, the Co-founder and Director of MYP, who explained the importance of wellbeing and their new partnership. Richard said, “At MYP, our Health & Wellbeing strategic pillar is critical to our community. We first hosted events in this space back in 2017, and since then it’s developed into a very large portion of what we do because we recognise how important it is with our community asking us to do more in this space.”

Richard added, “This gives us the opportunity to host a fun and varied calendar of events that really help support people’s mental and physical wellbeing. For us, we recognise it’s also a great way to meet others; if you’re perhaps new to the city, or to explore a new space that may have just arrived in Manchester with friends or colleagues.”

With so many employees now flexibly working from home at their desk-based jobs, the Myles Wellbeing app is a great wellbeing resource for professionals to get motivated to move. Indeed, MYP’s partnership with Myles has encouraged individuals to join a community which promotes the importance of physical activity for employee wellbeing.

As Toby Cannon, the Founder and CEO of the new app, explains: “We’re the first generation that need to build physical activity into our day to day lives. At Myles Wellbeing we’re super excited to continue seeing our app support employees in creating sustainable wellbeing habits”. The new wellbeing app is certainly supporting like-minded professionals in Manchester to establish new healthy routines, such as a weekly run, and prioritise wellbeing at work.