Love your executives

You might think you don’t need to worry about your executives when it comes to employee benefits, but just because they have more responsibility at work and a bigger pay cheque doesn’t mean they don’t need your support.

What’s the issue?
Your executives might be the ones running your company so you’d hope they have it all together. But being great at managing large teams and business departments, doesn’t mean they are great at managing their lives outside of work. Using company benefits might not seem like a necessity to them because they can afford to spend more, but they might be missing out on essential support. Executives are likely to have increased financial responsibilities, so having more money doesn’t mean they are rolling in extra cash. The financial burdens and maybe even peer pressure can become too much, leading to bad financial decisions and more stress on top of already stressful jobs. Stress isn’t something that can be treated easily, and employees who work longer hours like executives do have an increased risk of serious health issues.*

What can you do?
Your executives need just as much support as other employees in your business, so you should educate them in the same way. Make your executives aware of the support that’s on offer, including benefits that could help them, because having more responsibilities surely means needing more support. Assuming that they don’t need support could leave them thinking that they’re not worth your attention or that other employees are a priority. Showing these valuable employees that you care about their wellbeing will result in increased dedication and appreciation from them.

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*Kivimäki et al. 2015