Love your employees

It’s February, the month of love, so we are urging you to love your employees.

Good to great employer
Loving your employees doesn’t just mean giving them a pay cheque. It means showing them that they are valued members of your team. Good employers provide recognition and reward strategies at work, as well as a great benefits package, but great employers do more for their employees. Great employers recognise that most individuals come to work to earn money to fund their lives outside of work. Great employers provide support for employees’ lives outside of work by finding out what’s important to employees, what’s worrying them and doing something to help.

What worries your employees?
Recent research found that the leading cause of stress for people in the UK is the amount of money they have to live on. Money worries are often cited as a cause of stress, and it can even lead to lack of sleep, which in turn causes more stress. The same study found that the amount of work people have to get done each day is also a leading cause of stress, which is clearly something that employers can address. But the only way to get an answer to “what worries your employees?” is to ask them.

What can you do to help?

Finding out what employees want help and support with is key because providing something you think they want isn’t going to work. You can do staff surveys of the benefits you offer, and if you are thinking of implementing a new wellbeing strategy or initiative you can ask your employees what they think about it. Stress itself is something you can treat, but it’s a symptom, not a cause. So treating the root problems that your employees face is the best solution.

So if you want to help employees with money worries, you tackle the problem at its root. If people in the UK are stressed about the amount of money they have to live on, it might not be because they don’t have enough money, it might because they’re not managing it properly. So giving them a pay rise isn’t the solution, it’s helping them be better at managing their money.

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Show your employees you value them supporting them in their lives in and outside of work.

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