Love Energy Savings launches staff flexible working

Bolton, UK-based energy retailer Love Energy Savings has allowed its members of staff to set their own working hours.

The policy, titled ‘Flexible-Flexible’, was launched recently as a result of the changing nature of the workplace post-Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and at a time when the business is planning to double the number of employees in its customer nurture team.

According to the organisation, the initiative comes after workers were given the freedom to choose to work from any location in the UK, as senior staff believe that the traditional ways of working do not fit in with lives today. It applies to any member of staff where their role allows them to undertake flexible working.

Love Energy Savings CEO Phil Foster said that he hopes it will ensure the business retains “talented individuals” for whom conventional hours aren’t practical, stating that the working pattern of nine-to-five, Monday to Friday is “no longer fit for purpose”.

He explained that allowing staff to work from anywhere in the UK has already proved to be a “huge hit”, as staff in Glasgow, Heathrow, Ipswich and the Lake District have said how their quality of life has “shot up” as a result.

“That’s why we’re delighted to implement our Flexible-Flexible Policy, as not only does it allow our colleagues to work from anywhere in the UK, they can also choose the hours that suit them and their families. Working a nine-to-five around when you have childcare commitments can prove a particular challenge, and now parents can easily schedule their hours around school drop-off and pick-up. It also gives colleagues the chance to visit the gym during the day and catch up with life admin,” Foster said.

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In addition, the organisation can now help more small to medium enterprises switch energy suppliers at a time that suits them, as many are too busy during standard working hours to spare the time to change to another business.

“One of the key benefits of our policy means that more of our energy experts will be available outside of conventional business hours to help them get a better energy deal,” Foster added.