Chief executive at Love Energy Savings runs daily workouts to boost staff morale

Chief executive at Love Energy Savings runs daily workouts to boost staff morale

Something for the weekend: The boss of electricity and gas organisation Love Energy Savings has awakened his potential in the fitness industry by leading daily video workouts for his employees.

Phil Foster, chief executive at Love Energy Savings took the bull by the horns and put on his gym shorts, got out the sweatbands and reinvented his garage into his personal gym to motivate his staff during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

The short and sweet half-hour sessions have been taking place since March and are picking up a substantial amount of popularity due to the area experiencing tighter restrictions due to the health risks of the pandemic.

The workouts posted on Instagram live brings out the early birds with sessions starting at 8am. Despite the early start, many employees have looked forward to seeing their ‘ripped’ boss in action. With Foster being dubbed as the new Joe Wicks of Bolton, his sessions are bound to get his employees fit as a fiddle.

Foster (Wicks), said: “I wanted to give my team something to focus on through lockdown outside of work to keep them active, focused and strong and whilst still ensuring we all felt part of the same family. I have always kept fit, but never been a fan of this kind of high-intensity interval training before. However, when the pandemic forced us all out of our office it was time for us all to do something different.

“I have grown to love it and see the benefits it has for the health and the mental wellbeing of everyone. These are not all gym bunnies who are joining the session, people all have different reasons for taking part – some want to stay fit, lose weight or just see their team mates.

“It is great for me to see so many people and their families – my wife and son get involved each day, too.

“With new restrictions meaning the prospect of a long winter at home, there is going to be a real de-motivation for a lot of people. It’s so important for your happiness as well as your fitness to have something to look forward to each day and provide a distraction from what’s going on in the world.”

Holly Pepper,  senior frontend developer, and avid fitness fanatic at Love Energy Savings added: “The workouts are structured well, covering cardio, glutes, abs, shoulders, everything. I feel so fresh, motivated and happy afterwards. I’m pretty sure I am more productive too. Aside from the exercise aspect, it is another reminder of how great a place this is to work. The fact that our chief executive has thought to do this for us, and done it every day even on his holidays, encourages you to do it too.” 

Here at Employee Benefits, we figure it is only a matter of time until Foster achieves his hidden goal in receiving that highly sought-after blue tick on social media. Well played Foster, well played….