Leicester City Council launches cycle scheme for 8,000 staff members


Leicester City Council has launched a new cycle-to-work scheme for its 8,000 employees in order to align with business goals around sustainability.

The new benefit, provided by Green Commute Initiative, was implemented on 1 April 2019. It enables employees to purchase a bike or e-bike up to the value of £5,000 on a salary sacrifice basis; repayments can be made over a maximum 48-month period.

Green Commute Initiative estimates that this benefit structure could save employees 32% compared to the traditional cost of buying a bike.

The scheme aligns with Leicester City Council’s goal to create a sustainable city. Using guidance from international expert Brian Deegan, the council has outlined five key objectives for this approach: reduce congestion, improve journey times, improve air quality and reduce noise, reduce carbon emissions and improve quality of life. Leicester City Council is also updating city infrastructure to create safer and more attractive routes for cyclists and pedestrians.

The new benefit was communicated to employees using digital information as well as the staff intranet. The council also plans to run awareness days for employees.

Max Longley, scheme manager and transport development officer, said: “As a cycle friendly workplace, we are always looking for ways which will encourage staff to cycle to work.

“We opted to go with the Green Commute Initiative as it is the only cycle-to-work scheme which will allow our staff to purchase bikes above the value of £1,000. This is important, as it will give staff the opportunity to purchase a wide range of electric bikes.”