Lakeside North Harbour launches wellbeing initiative for 5,000 staff


Business office campus Lakeside North Harbour has launched a new wellbeing initiative for the 5,000 employees based at its Hampshire site.

The #workwell initiative, implemented in April 2019, has been designed to provide Lakeside North Harbour-based organisations with a range of tools to help support employees’ physical and mental wellbeing while at work.

Karen Tyrrell, head of marketing and client services at Lakeside North Harbour, said: “As the south coast’s leading business campus, we are passionate about bringing life and soul to our surroundings, creating a great place for people to work and supporting our occupiers with their own workplace wellbeing strategies.”

The initiative launched using an on-site seminar for 30 campus staff and senior managers responsible for HR, health, safety and wellbeing on Friday 26 April 2019. The seminar featured speakers such as Emily Pountney, vice principal, curriculum, teaching and learning at Portsmouth College and Sarah Blake, health and safety training adviser at Peta Training and Consultancy.

The #workwell programme will include a schedule of free classes running throughout May and June, such as laughing yoga, singforce, kamilla yoga and Tabata fitness classes, provided by ITri Coaching. Employees will also be able to participate in free activities like a Segway day, stand up paddleboarding and kayaking.

There will also be free sports events, walks, talks and seminars that staff can attend, to encourage businesses to utilise the amenities and facilities available at Lakeside North Harbour.

Lakeside North Harbour also has a series of planned events: a health and wellbeing walk on Thursday 9 May 2019 with Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust; a Mental Health Awareness Week from 13 May 2019 with Solent Mind, Tonic Music for Mental Health, Natural Solutions Hypnotherapy and Little Calm Seated Massage; a Men’s Health Week, in association with Breast Cancer Haven, Wessex, from 17 June 2019; and Health Information Week from 1 July 2019 with Life Effect Chiropractic, Natural Solutions Hypnotherapy and Little Calm Seated Massage.

Activities and events will be communicated to employees using the campus app, email bulletins, social media feeds, the campus magazine and on-site noticeboards situated in shared spaces. Organisations at the business site also have regular forums to cascade information back to teams.

More than 100 organisations are based at Lakeside North Harbour, including Capita, Babcock, Douglas Stafford, Handelsbanken, Hippo, Lead Forensics, Molex, Transas and Verisona Law.

Tyrrell added: “Wellbeing in the workplace is a key theme for us this summer and we’ve created an exciting and varied programme to help improve the physical and mental wellbeing for all those who work here at Lakeside [North Harbour].”