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Employee wellbeing reinvented.  Physical, mental and financial wellbeing in an all-in-one work from home digital platform.

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Keep Fit Eat Fit helps build employee resilience within an all-in-one gamified platform.  A true self-help approach to the health and wellbeing of your workforce that’s simple, easy and quick to deploy.

It’s a perfect wellbeing companion that raises engagement levels, builds team spirit, and helps you through the day.

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to

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With at least half of employees now working remotely, there is an unprecedented need for a wellbeing programme that is purpose built for home working.

Our subscription membership programme addresses physical, mental and financial wellbeing all in one platform, and our content is endorsed and co-created by PhD academic and professional experts in their respective fields.

Onboarding is quick and simple, and you only pay for active users.

Resilient employees are vital to your company’s success

Disengaged, unhealthy and unmotivated employee create lost productivity and have a big impact on company profitability.  Depression, and the isolation of working from home, is a costly ticking time bomb.

Our platform takes care of all your employees’ wellbeing so you can focus on running your business.

If you don’t have the necessary resources or time to investigate multiple wellbeing programmes, what are the options?

Outsource your wellbeing to us

We will work with you to action real, long-lasting change across your entire company, without stretching your budget or wasting your precious time.

We offer a truly complete wellbeing programme, with no need for multiple apps.

Help your employees to help themselves

Our programme consists of 7 highly engaging modules within a membership portal.  With its own unique gamified dashboard, complete with virtual awards, global leaderboard, and community focused social media wall, it’s the ultimate wellbeing companion that stays with you 24/7.

No need to worry about user data either – it’s all anonymised.  No spying on individual employee habits, and no wearables needed.  Just tech for good.

Multi-channel content your employees will love

Every module within Keep Fit Eat Fit features a similar easy to follow theme, and includes Netflix-style video channels, audio books and blogs.  It’s educational and fun, and designed to be easily consumed on any device.  The format goes like this:

Keep Fit: a total resource for employee fitness including video workouts you can do at home, at your desk, or anywhere – no equipment needed.

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Eat Fit: a full nutritional resource with 400K healthy mouth-watering recipes in an easy to use search format – set your own dietary preferences, calorie ceilings, micro nutrients and allergens, paired with recipe videos, audio books and blogs with input from nutritionists, psychologists and epidemiologists.

Mums Fit: helps mums-to-be and new mums with their fitness and education during and post maternity leave.  Includes pre- and post-natal fitness videos for all levels, audiobooks and blogs for extra guidance.

Mind Fit: a complete, educational mindfulness course in video and audiobook form, to bring help and perspective to life’s problems.  Accompanied by calming chill zone music, videos, MP3s, blogs, and a self help emergency contact page.

Sleep Fit: sleep assistance programme formulated by academic specialists in sleep science and cognitive neuroscience.  Assessment questionnaires, guidance resources, sounds for bedtime, meditation videos, MP3s, sleep hygiene and insomnia tips.

Money Fit: financial wellbeing planning tool, including budget planner, self education videos, MP3s and blogs encouraging best practices and increasing awareness of the importance of planning personal finances.

Retire Fit: helps older employees transition into retirement and plan earlier.  Includes ideas on how to develop and maintain hobbies, activities and connectivity, simple exercise videos, audiobooks, MP3s and a pension planning tool.

Dash HR: company onboarding and management tool with snapshot analytics, and HR focused videos, MP3 and written content, social media wall, and personal dashboard.

Opinions from our academics:

“As a practising academic focused on how to break up sedentary work time, I am very happy to be working with Keep Fit Eat Fit on this topic.  Whether working from home or in the office, keeping active is essential for workplace health and wellbeing.”  Dr Valerie Gladwell, Senior Lecturer

School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences, University of Essex

“The ‘Eat Fit’ recipe search module in the members’ portal will really help employees to access over 300,000 healthy, easy to cook recipes.  With helpful tools like recipe videos and audio books, this is an excellent resource for a busy workforce, which is easy to access, personalise and use.”  Dr Dawn Liu Holford, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Psychology, University of Essex


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