How to keep your employee engagement flame alive

RG Valentine

By Joy Adan, Content Journalist 

Whether you’re a die-hard romantic or err on the side of cynicism when it comes to love, you probably know that February 14 is St Valentine’s Day — it’s a bit hard to ignore the walls of red greeting cards or the spike in the price of fresh flowers and boxed chocolates.

Maybe you’ve always enjoyed this global celebration of love and do something for your special someone every year? Or maybe you prefer being unpredictable and surprising them when they least expect it? Or maybe — like millions of couples who’ve been together for years — the grand gestures of romance that were once done to impress take a little less priority now? It’s perfectly normal. But if we get too comfortable, sometimes we get… complacent.

When we get complacent it doesn’t take much for things to start falling apart. The same can be said for the employer/employee relationship.

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