Jordan Lorence: Are staff summer parties back on the agenda for 2022?

Summer parties are absolutely back on the agenda for 2022, in fact we have already started. In April we took the whole team in Hove, almost 40 of us, out to celebrate the end of the sales year and say a massive thank you for all of their hard work and dedication over the past few years dealing with lockdowns. Rockwater bar and restaurant in Hove was kind enough to give us the whole top floor for the day, put on an incredible lunch and kept us topped up with plenty of cocktails long into the evening.

We have got team building days at Go-Ape, dinners, drinks, Brighton Fringe Festival and volleyball in the diary for the coming months. Our primary aim for these events is to have some fun and say thank you to our team; The Christmas party was the first time in months we really got to put on a show and celebrate outside of the usual dinners, drinks and quarterly celebrations, and it is so nice to be back.

Our team over in the south of France are finally seeing some normality and took advantage of the world opening up with a Christmas trip to Italy. Our team in Dresden are still somewhat fractured due to the Covid-19 restrictions, but we are planning lots of visits in the coming months to make sure we can bring the teams together again.

Keeping our team motivated, engaged and rewarded properly is always at the top of our priority list and we do this both inside and out of the office. There does not always have to be an angle when looking to do something fun with our team, a lot of us see each other outside of work as it is.

Involving our remote staff can be difficult sometimes, but we have found that planning in advance, keeping social events around Brighton and Hove and doing them on a Thursday means they can usually come and join in. We have worked a four-day week for three years now, so Thursdays are our Fridays.

Jordan Lorence is marketing manager at MRL Consulting Group