Japanese organisation Crazy rewards staff for sleeping six hours or more


Japanese wedding planning organisation Crazy has introduced a new wellbeing initiative that rewards employees for getting six or more hours of sleep for a minimum of five days across the week.

The initiative was launched on 10 October 2018, in conjunction with Air Weave, to help enhance employees’ overall health and lifestyle as well as to improve productivity.

The scheme uses a smartphone app to measure how much sleep employees have had; those who achieve at least six hours of sleep for five or more days in the week are rewarded with points, which can then be spent in the on-site cafeterias and cafes.

Employees can earn 100 points for each day they get six hours of sleep, but if employees achieve seven days in which they slept for six hours or more, they receive 1,000 points. There is also a participation award; employees who measure their sleep via the app for one month earn an extra 1,000 points. These points are allotted on a three-monthly basis.

Air Weave will continue to support the programme by completing sleep seminars, conducted by a sleep planner, and helping employees achieve a comfortable sleeping environment.

The new initiative forms part of Crazy’s health management strategy, which launched in 2012. This includes empowering employees to choose how they work and rest, providing natural food throughout the working day and introducing mechanisms for social health, mental health and physical health.

Kazuhiko Moriyama, president and representative director at Crazy, said: “The most important thing to provide [with] this service is that the people who work together are living every day with [a] rich mind and body.

“For that reason, we have put health [as] the top priority of management from the beginning. [The] sleep remuneration system supports important sleep along with meals and exercise. I would like to continue with such efforts, [to have] a better effect on individual [lives].”