British Airways i360 gains living wage accreditation


Brighton-based attraction British Airways i360 has been accredited as a living wage employer by the Living Wage Foundation.

As part of the accreditation, British Airways i360 has committed to pay both its direct employees and third-party contractors at least the voluntary living wage rate of £8.45 an hour.

British Airways i360’s accreditation confirms the organisation as south east England’s 300th living wage employer.

The living wage is an independently set hourly rate of pay that is calculated according to the basic costs of living. It is paid on a voluntary basis by employers and is updated annually. The living wage rate is currently set at £8.45 an hour for employees working across the UK, and at £9.75 an hour for staff that are based in London. The higher London living wage rate is to reflect the increased living costs associated with residing in the capital.

The voluntary living wage is distinct from the statutory national living wage, which is paid to employees aged 25 and over. The national living wage rate is currently set at £7.50 an hour.

Steve Bax, executive director at British Airways i360, said: “British Airways i360 has always been a living wage employer and we are delighted to be officially accredited by the Living Wage Foundation.

“We believe paying the living wage attracts the best possible employees in the city and means we can provide the highest-quality service to our customers.”