Is augmented reality climbing the next team-building challenge?


Something for the weekend: Although team-building challenges come in all shapes and sizes, employee engagement events could be about to reach new heights with the introduction of augmented reality climbing.

By projecting graphics onto a bouldering surface, Augmented Climb Wall has turned the climbing wall into a gaming platform, enabling staff to take part in interactive games as they climb.

Suitable for employees of all skill levels, the game-centric climbing wall could serve as a unique motivation tool, allowing staff to get away from their desks for some physical activity and take part in team challenges.

Games featured with the climbing wall include Climball, which is a cross between air hockey and pinball, as well as Whack-a-Bat, maze game Sparks, and route-creation challenge Augmented Problems, which even provides video feedback.

At Employee Benefits, we think there’s plenty of space next to our desks for an augmented reality climbing wall or two. Although we warn you now, we take winning very seriously…