EXCLUSIVE: Glassdoor to open Employee Benefits Live 2016

Diarmuid Russell

EXCLUSIVE: Diarmuid Russell, head of international at Glassdoor, will deliver the opening keynote address at Employee Benefits Live 2016, when he will provide insight into how organisations can become known as the ‘best place to work’.

Opening the conference on Tuesday 11 October 2016, Russell will discuss the themes and trends that influence how employees view the organisation they work for, studying aspects such as benefits, culture, values and organisational mission, and how these work together to create an attractive workplace.

Russell will also explain how to utilise benefits to attract and retain talent, highlighting the importance of communicating via social media.

There will also be a global aspect to the session, as Russell notes trends that are appearing both across the UK and in the USA.

Russell said: “Workplace cultures [are] increasingly important to help [organisations] differentiate themselves if they’re building out their employment brand. It’s important that employers are much more pro-active in terms of thinking about how [they] attract the people [they] want to attract and what are the benefits that [they] need to put in place to bring in the right kind of people.

“It’s all about tailoring what you do to the needs of your workforce based on the people you are trying to attract. Social media [is] a very important thing to think about when you are looking overall at your benefits package and how it’s going to get communicated. You want to embrace it rather than be afraid of it.

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“You need to have a clear idea of what it is you stand for and the kind of culture you are trying to build. People who build cultures really successfully do it in quite a deliberate fashion; they have a sense as to where they are trying to get to.”

Employee Benefits Live 2016 will take place on Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 October at Olympia National, London. Register to attend here.