The benefits of being a mermaid

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Over 1,000 people in the United States now work as professional mermaids or mermen on a full-time basis, according to a study by Fast Company.

According to the report, vacancies for merpeople have blossomed in popularity thanks to an increase in under-the-sea themed restaurants and bars and celebrities such as Shia LeBeouf and Jessica Alba booking mermaid performances for parties. In fact, the position can pay up to as much as £160 ($250) an hour.

Rachel Smith, head mermaid at Dive Bar in Sacramento, USA, explained the tougher elements of being a mermaid during an interview with Fast Company. She said: “It’s really hard, which is something I don’t think people fully understand, because we want it to look so effortless. Our legs are tied together, the fish are running into us, and it’s dark.

“Our tails can weigh up to 35 pounds, but the saltwater makes us float, so we have another 5-10 pounds strapped between our legs.”

The Employee Benefits team can’t help but wonder what benefits merpeople might be entitled to…