Police officer takes tongue-in-cheek approach to appraisal

Something for the weekend…


A police officer, who is part of the force in Warwickshire, has taken a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek approach to his self-assessment appraisal, noting his openness to change and strong ability to work with others as some of his attributes.

Other notable aspects of the appraisal include:

  • Serving the public: “I am really good at this skill. The other day in the chip shop some guy asked me to pass the vinegar, which I did without hesitation or regard for my own safety. That’s like serving init.”
  • Service delivery: “Some guy had his car and stuff nicked and was all like: ‘can you help me?’ I said: ‘sure no worries dude’. Then I got all his stuff back from the baddies by doing really good police stuff and shouting: ‘You’re nicked’. PC Smith cried at my excellence.”
  • Working with others: “When I come to work there are lots of other people in the police station where I work. Does that count?”
  • Openness to change: “Over the 19 years I have served as a policeman my police costume has changed many times and I have not grumbled once even though I miss my old jumper. PC Smith constantly moans about how tight his trousers are.”
  • Professionalism: “I am so very professional and I have been able to evidence my flexibility. After four months of dedicated training I am pleased to report I can touch my toes without bending my knees. PC Smith can’t.”
  • Decision-making: “There was a really important decision that needed making and I was like: ‘Let’s do that then’. As a result of my action loads of people were saved and a helicopter didn’t crash.”

The spoof appraisal has gone viral after the unnamed police officer posted it on Twitter.

Here at Employee Benefits, we are speculating whether the officer might be entitled to a performance-related reward of some sort, or perhaps even a pay rise for his imaginative response.