Clear workplace vision is key for destination employers

Employee Benefits Live 2015: Employees need to understand the overall purpose of the organisation they work for in order for that organisation to become a destination employer, according to Karen Bowes, vice president of international HR, Capital One.

Capital One

During her closing keynote session at Employee Benefits Live 2015, which focused on how organisations can became a destination employer, Bowes explained that once staff understand the vision of their workplace, they are far more likely to be engaged.

She said: “Once you’ve found your purpose as an organisation, you have to tap into your managers and leaders, and get them to coach your workers on it.

“People are most productive when they’re not directly being told what to do, but they understand their reason for being at work everyday.”

Bowes emphasised the importance of working as a team, treating colleagues with dignity and respect, as well as how much a workforce can thrive if there is a culture of trust among staff.

She added: “The most important thing to remember is that [employees] like to be thanked for the hard work they do. Thank-yous are so effective and incredibly cheap.”