Age UK offers benefits to support all generations


Employee Benefits Live 2015: Reward strategies need to be inclusive of all generations in the workplace so as to not discriminate against older workers, according to Caroline Bendelow (pictured), director of people and performance at Age UK.

Speaking at a session at Employee Benefits Live 2015, Bendelow explained that employers need to rid workplaces of the myth that older workers do not want training or development benefits. The charity does this by offering all of its benefits to all staff, regardless of age or other restrictions.

At the session ’From Gen Y to the ageing workforce: developing effective reward strategies for different generations’, Bendelow, said: “We aim to inspire, enable and support our staff, which we do with the culture and benefits we offer, and by benefiting from our older workers’ experiences.

“Find out from your employees what they want, which we do with engagement surveys, and give something for everyone, including the information they need to make informed decisions.”

The charity’s oldest member of staff, who is a shop floor worker, is 92 years of age.

Luke Sondelski, global manager, compensation and benefits at, who also spoke at the session, explained that the travel booking website engages its workforce, which has an average staff age of 32, with quizzes, lunches with co-workers you may not otherwise meet, and an annual global family and friends day, when employee’s loved ones can visit their place of work.

Sondelski said: “A decent workplace culture needs to come from everyone rather than just those in management; the leadership team can set a direction, but employers need to make sure everyone is participating.”