Esri UK launches car salary sacrifice scheme

Esri UK has launched a car salary sacrifice scheme for its 300 employees. 

Car salary sacrifice schemes

The geographical mapping and analytics company’s ‘simplydriveit’ scheme, which is provided by Pendragon Contracts, enables staff to select from a list of cars with emissions capped at 130g/km to meet the organisation’s environmental targets

Pendragon Contracts has also provided Esri UK with a contract hire scheme for its company car drivers for the past eight years. 

Jackie Bowers, group HR manager at Esri, said: “Our longstanding relationship with Pendragon Contracts means it is the perfect partner to help us expand and enhance our benefits offered to employees.

”It’s very important that we attract and retain the highest calibre of people in our industry and the package that salary sacrifice for cars provides, together with the comprehensive savings seen on the scheme, serves as another example of the comprehensive range of benefits that Esri UK employees receive.”