Car schemes can cut costs and aid retention

Fleet debate

Company car schemes can help employers to save money and attract and retain staff, providing they are underpinned by a robust communication strategy, according to the fleet specialists at the Employee Benefits Fleet debate hosted in August and sponsored by Lex Autolease, Tusker and Zenith. 

Andrew Kirby, commercial director, employee benefits at Zenith, highlighted the cost savings to be gained through salary sacrifice schemes in the form of tax and national insurance breaks, while Chris Chandler, principal consultant at Lex Autolease explained how an attractive company car proposition can help employers to minimise the number of staff they lose to competitors.

David Hosking, chief executive of Tusker, explained the importance of clear communication to help boost scheme take-up. 

The sponsors were three of eight guests to attend Employee Benefits’ Fleet debate, which gathered the fleet industry’s leading specialists to debate current market trends and topical issues such as salary sacrifice car schemes and fuel cards. 

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