Arco redesigns voluntary benefits scheme


EXCLUSIVE: Arco has redesigned and re-launched its voluntary benefits scheme for its 1,500 employees.

The safety organisation decided to redesign its plan after its previous scheme failed to engage employees and its online portal was not widely used.

It has introduced a salary sacrifice computing scheme, provided by Salary Exhange, and retail discounts, provided by Next Jump. 

In addition, it has renewed its bikes-for-work scheme, childcare vouchers and holiday trading scheme, all provided by Salary Exchange.

The scheme is available via an online portal, which also includes details of Arco’s core benefits.

Since it launched on 1 September, more than 780 employees have visited the voluntary benefits site.

Elena Dakin, reward specialist at Arco, said: “We wanted to re-launch the scheme and rebrand it to bring it up to market standard, to give employees more for their money.

“The high usage has been down to the way we communicated through our social media channel on Yammer. We made a group and used teaser announcements, posters and posted comments to engage employees on the re-launch.”

Employees can also comment on the group to highlight to other employees the savings they have made through Next Jump.

Arco has also appointed employee Arco champions to communicate the benefits across its various sites, created a benefits booklet for employees and is holding roadshows across the organisation to demonstrate how to use the scheme to employees.

Dakin said: “We had been looking at our benefits offering and total reward package for a while.

“The re-launch has been really successful and I think this will help boost engagement, but also help achieve our goal of becoming a great place to work.”