L’Oréal to launch family support scheme

L’Oréal UK is to launch a family support package for all working parents in the UK on 11 September 2013.

The scheme, provided by Parental Choice, is designed to help staff balance their family and working life. It includes:

  • Advice on types of childcare.
  • Tailored childcare searches from nurseries to nannies, maternity nurses to tutors.
  • Nanny payroll and employment contracts.
  • A communications programme focused on child development and combining career with childcare.
  • Access to a number of exclusive retail discounts dedicated to working parents.

Isabelle Minneci, HR director at L’Oréal UK and Ireland, said: “We appreciate that the recruitment and retention of talent requires an understanding of the challenges facing working parents, in particular, working mothers.

“Supporting them means recognising the pressures they are under and giving them the tools they need to achieve a successful work-life balance.

“Our partnership with Parental Choice complements initiatives already in place to support our working parents, including flexible-working options and supportive maternity leave policies.”