Government to make changes to payroll giving

The government has published proposals that aim to make it easier for employers to encourage charitable donations using payroll-giving schemes.

Following a consultation that was launched in January, the government is to almost halve the processing time for donations, from 60 to 35 days, which will allow charities to access the money that has been donated more quickly.

It will also create improved web pages that will provide an online presence for employers, employees, charities and payroll-giving organisations.

The government will host a series of working groups, involving charities, payroll-giving organisations and other stakeholders, to help consider further improvements to the payroll-giving process.

Payroll giving enables individuals to donate money to charity directly from their salary via their employer, meaning that their donation is free from income tax.

Sajid Javid, economic secretary, said: “The government is strongly supportive of charities and has introduced a number of measures to encourage charitable giving.

“Payroll giving provides a unique way for employers to encourage and champion donations, and the government is committed to increasing the amounts raised through payroll giving.

Nick Hurd, minister of the Cabinet Office, added: “These are useful steps in making payroll giving work better for donors, employers and charities.

“They are part of our broader strategy to make it easier and more compelling to give.”