Friends Life launches social network tool

Friends Life has launched a social network employee benefits tool.

Called E-community, the new interactive online employee benefits portal has been designed to create an e-community for employees enrolled in a Friends Life pension scheme, to enable them to gain a better understanding of their retirement savings options, as well as the value of their benefits package.

Employers are expected to be able to benefit from the insight they gain through the portal into employees’ financial behaviours and views.

The portal can be accessed from PCs, tablets and mobile phones and is completely secure, only carrying employees’ names and photos. There is no direct messaging function, and all comments and forum discussions are moderated by Friends Life. Employees can add a short biography of themselves at their discretion

Neil Hawkins, executive financial education manager at Friends Life, said: “Social networking is constantly evolving and we as pension providers must stay familiar with new technologies. E-community has been developed to bring pensions into the modern world by encouraging employees to share their experiences, in a secure environment, with like-minded groups in order to gain financial confidence.”