Anglian Water launches workplace savings scheme

Anglian Water Group has launched a workplace savings scheme to offer an easy way for its employees to save.

The organisation has partnered Barclays Corporate and Employer Solutions (C&ES) to offer its 4,000 staff workplace savings accounts, which enables them to save up to £3,000 a year over a three-year period.

Employees will receive monthly interest payments on their savings and, if they leave their savings in the account for the full three years, they will also receive a loyalty bonus from Anglian Water Group based on the organisation’s performance.

Additional deposits into the account are permitted and can be withdrawn without affecting the loyalty bonus payment.

Sally Purbrick, head of reward at Anglian Water Group, said: “This scheme is one element of our total reward package that links the success of our organisation to the reward of our employees.

“We have a very high uptake across our employees, which demonstrates the vakue they place on the scheme.

“It’s an easy and straightforward way of saving on a regular basis with the ability to earn a bonus at the end of the three years.”