The top 10 most read stories: June-August 2016

Sep top 10

The top 10 most-read stories on between 21 June and 7 August 2016 were:

  1. EU referendum ‘leave’ vote expected to impact workplace benefits

The vote to leave the European Union could have an impact on employment law and workplace benefits, such as pensions and share schemes.

2. EXCLUSIVE: Royal Mail Group receives 1,200 orders for car salary sacrifice scheme 

My Drive is the latest addition to Royal Mail Group’s flexible benefits offering, with 1,200 orders placed after the scheme launched in March this year.

3. Asda equal pay claim proceeds to employment tribunal

An equal pay claim brought against retailer Asda by more than 7,000 former and current Asda employees is to proceed to the Employment Tribunal following a Court of Appeal decision.

4. Sasto Deal introduces menstrual leave policy

Nepal-based online retail organisation Sasto Deal has launched a menstrual leave policy that gives female staff the option of working from home or taking rest days during their menstrual cycle should they wish to.

5. HR professionals are the most ‘hangry’

Research by Tastecard found that 93% of HR professionals feel angry when hungry at least once a week, with 34% of respondents admitting to feeling stressed when ‘hangry’.

6. EXCLUSIVE: Benefex and EY partner on employee engagement

Professional services organisation EY has partnered employee benefits provider Benefex to offer employee benefits and engagement technology alongside consulting services.

7. Fat Face launches mobile phone salary sacrifice scheme for staff

Clothing retailer Fat Face has launched a mobile phone salary sacrifice scheme for its 3,000 UK-based staff.

8. 79% of millennials believe benefits would make them more loyal to employer

More than three-quarters of millennial respondents believe that receiving benefits would make them more loyal to the organisation they work for, according to research by BrightHR.

9. UK EXCLUSIVE: Arthur J Gallagher acquires Orb Financial Services

Arthur J Gallagher has acquired Surrey-based employee benefits organisation Orb Financial Services.

10. Majestic Wine CEO shares bonus with staff

Rowan Gormley, chief executive officer (CEO) at Majestic Wine, shared his bonus among 493 eligible employees, potentially netting each member of staff approximately £14,000 in a one-off payment.