Lebara redesigns global bonuses

Employee Benefits Live: Lebara Mobile has redesigned its global bonus scheme after conducting a review.

Speaking at Employee Benefits Live, Gemma Bullivant, head of HR at Lebara Mobile, said the telecommunications firm launched the review to ensure its bonus scheme was working well in all countries.

The telecommunications firm, which is based in eight countries and has 1,200 employees, started the review by consulting with its employees. Bullivant added: “We wanted to know what employees actually wanted and what they valued. No one really understood how it worked.”

The aims of the review were: to keep it simple, ensure the scheme was understood, link the personal development planning (PDP) score more consistently across the organisation, reward high performers better, ensure the scheme was fair and consistent, and communicate the progress to staff.

The revised bonus structure for 2012 is first based on Lebara Mobile meeting at least 90% of both profit and revenue targets.

Each individual employee is then given a PDP score, between one and five, which determines their percentage of bonus.

Additionally, each country can receive more based on the individual country’s performance.

The proportion of bonus to salary varies from 10-40% of base pay, dependent on job role.

Lebara Mobile will communicate the redesigned bonus scheme quarterly to ensure employees understand the scheme. “It has made bonus payments more fair and transparent,” said Bullivant. “The scheme is also simpler and clearly defined in all eight countries.”