City University hosts wellness day for staff

EXCLUSIVE: City University hosted a wellness day for its 2,500 staff to educate staff on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and to highlight its health and wellbeing benefits.

The wellness days have been held since 2008, and are part of the university’s wellbeing campaign Well.

Clara Correa-Zappa Demilew, wellbeing and safety coordinator at City University, said: “It is embedded within the university. We run different events and activities throughout the year.”

The wellness day, which is provided by Workplace Healthcare, includes onsite massages and mini health assessments. The assessments include cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose and body mass index (BMI) tests.

Demilew added: “If the numbers are low or too high, staff can arrange to see our occupational health nurse. They can change their lifestyle and make their numbers better.”

The university also aligns its wellness day with the other healthcare benefits on offer, which include an occupational health service, a counselling service and fitness classes, such as pilates, yoga and Zumba.