Employee Benefits/Randox Health Checks health screening roundtable discussion 2011


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Engagement: Attracting interest

Wellness: A wider view of wellness

Data: Getting the vital statistics

Older workers: New plans for an older issue

Stress: Pressure tests to find stress


Editor’s comment

In an age of high medical inflation and rising healthcare costs, employers are finding themselves under pressure to reduce or control the expense of offering benefits for staff. For many, this has prompted a greater focus on employee wellbeing in recognition of the fact that improving people’s health and catching problems early can help absent staff return to work sooner and save on the cost of utilising available healthcare benefits.

Health screening is one way in which employers can obtain a profile of their workforce’s health and identify any issues affecting employees’ wellbeing.

To delve further into the issues surrounding health screening, we gathered together a panel of HR and reward professionals from a range of sectors, along with experts from leading health and wellbeing organisations at the Employee Benefits/Randox Health Checks roundtable.

During the discussion, our panel of nine experts, all of whom have differing experiences of employee health screening, covered a wide range of areas, including how to screen for stress, the best ways to engage staff with health screening, and how to obtain a return on investment in the benefit.

We also filmed part of the discussion and you can view the short video online.

Debbie Lovewell
Deputy Editor, Employee Benefits