Case study: Aviva reward policy pays out

Aviva runs a recognition and motivation scheme called Spotlight that includes senior executives alongside managers and more junior staff.

Under the scheme, employees can nominate one another for recognition and reward for contributing to the success of the firm. Nominations are made through an online portal.

The person making the nomination also suggests a level at which the reward should be made. This is accompanied by company-wide recognition.

The scheme appeals to executives, who can receive one-to-one recognition from their line manager, which is a vital relationship in ensuring the motivation of these employees. The line manager can also set the level of reward to ensure it is commensurate with the value the executive puts on their own performance.

Reward values are then banked and can be used for up to 800 reward items. A total of 20,647 financial awards were made in 2010.

Helen Jackson, rewards director at Aviva, says: “Spotlight is about saying thank-you to everyone who displays the behaviours that live up to the Aviva brand. It is a very impressive scheme that is easy to use and implement.”

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