Capital One launches global wellness portal

Capital One is launching an online global wellness portal for its 28,000 staff, as well as onsite massages and beauty treatments in its head office.

The Get Active programme, which goes live in September, invites staff to create their own fitness challenges in teams, develop an online food journal with over 100,000 choices, and interact with others in forums.

Employees can submit their results and compare them with other teams at the credit card firm. The site can be used to record activities such as the number of minutes of exercise employees have completed or weight loss.

Jill Cunnison, benefits and operations manager at Capital One, said the scheme was designed to motivate staff to
increase activity and work towards a healthy weight.

“We have strong global partnerships with our US and Canada partners, so it is nice to take part in something that
involves everybody,” she said.

Employees who register on the site will be given a free digital pedometer, wristband and welcome pack.

As part of Capital One’s Our Health Matters campaign, the UK head office launched onsite massages and beauty
treatments for its 800 staff.

Since launching its new gym in January, Capital One has offered 10 different exercise

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