Wayward cow lands advertising job

Taking the bull in a china shop approach may land you a top job and propel you to celebrity status.

It certainly worked for a wayward cow in Austria which wandered into a branch of Intersport based in Serfaus, one of the country’s skiing hot spots.†

Store staff had to used a skipping rope to lassoe the beast, which was seeking cover after an early blizzard covered her grazing area with snow.

After the blunder, which led to the destruction of two sports bras and an unwanted cow pat, Laura the cow is now earning her owner a pretty penny after being cast as the star of the store’s winter TV advertising campaign promoting its rental service.

However, there is no indication that Laura, the new moo-vie star is milking it in terms of cash rewards. Instead she is looking for a warm working environment, which provides shelter from snow blizzards.

Intersport spokesman Hans Seifert said: “Laura had the right idea, for anyone preparing for winter Intersport is the right place to be. We have all your winter needs – skis, helmets and warm winter clothing.”

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