Two-fifths of men want to work in an all-male environment

While an all-male workforce may make unrequited conversations about football a thing of the past and conveniently abolish an organisation’s gender pay gap, is it really the best way to do business?

According to research by, 41% of men believe that the ideal working environment would be all male, largely because of their perceptions of the bitchy environment created by some female staff.

In contrast, 8% of men surveyed would like to be the only male in a female workforce, with many saying it would increase their romantic opportunities.

More than a third (34%) of female respondents stated that they would prefer to work in an environment made up mostly of men because they believed it would reduce the bitchy environment created when working with mostly female staff.

Georgina Read, co-managing director of, said: “This was an interesting study to conduct and I am surprised at the results. It is clear from the results that both sexes believe that men make the best work colleagues;apparently because of the hostile or bitchy work environment women can create.”

However, the benefits of working with mainly women should not be overlooked.

Working in an all-female editorial team at Employee Benefits, I can certainly establish that the biggest challenge we face is greediness rather than bitchiness.

A team-wide love of cake, chocolate and sweets means resisting temptation is a daily battle.

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