Aon Hewitt and Streetcar launch salary sacrifice car club

Aon Hewitt and Streetcar, a part of Zipcar, have introduced a salary sacrifice car club.

Streetcar, which offers access to a range of low-emission Volkswagen and BMW cars and vans on an hourly or daily basis, will offer employees of organisations signed up to the scheme the ability to take advantage of the scheme through a salary sacrifice arrangement.

Employees are then entitled to make a certain number of trips per month, each valid for five hours. Staff can book cars online, over the phone or using a dedicated iPhone app, up to 30 minutes ahead of time.

Mark Walker, general manager at Streetcar, said: “We are delighted to offer this new scheme to organisations that want to provide a compelling incentive to their staff which combines the benefits of a company car scheme with the convenience and environmental advantages of a car club.

“In these turbulent economic times where salary increases are not always possible, we are excited to offer a tangible benefit to organisations looking to reward their employees in other ways.

“We are constantly looking for ways to help people move away from the expensive and inefficient model of individual car ownership, and this scheme helps to make car clubs even more affordable and attractive.

“By paying directly from gross salary, Streetcar usage is both cost-effective and tax-efficient.”

A spokesperson from Aon Hewitt, added: “For low-usage or city centre-based employees, this benefit is a real alternative to company cars and expensive car hire.

“There are none of the traditional costs of ownership of company or private cars and the scheme fits well in a flex or salary sacrifice scheme.”

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