Simplyhealth research: Employers target staff health and wellbeing

Almost four in five organisations believe they have a responsibility to contribute to society, which is reflected in their benefits.

Of the 257 HR respondents to Simplyhealth’s Bothered Britain report, in conjunction with Opinion Matters, 75% believe it is important to address all aspects of staff health and wellbeing.

Although 37% of them are currently enforcing a pay freeze, 44% are looking to increase their range of healthcare benefits, while 88% say a greater choice will make employees more interested in health and wellbeing perks.

One-third say their main motivation for offering such perks is to care for staff health and wellbeing, while 30% offer them to boost morale and productivity. Some 21% of respondents offer health perks to reduce sickness absence, 9% do so to improve recruitment and retention, and 5% to reduce stress.

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