Pepsico peps up its perks

Pepsico UK and Ireland has introduced total reward statements, switched flexible benefits providers and plans to introduce new perks relevant to its next generation of staff.

The firm, whose brands include Walkers, Tropicana and Quakers, changed its flex provider from Mercer to Vebnet and issued statements detailing the value of employees’ total reward offering ahead of its flex renewal period in June. An employee survey conducted afterwards showed more than 90% of staff felt they had a better understanding of their reward package.

Pepsico is now looking at the viability of offering a salary sacrifice car scheme, as well as introducing a corporate individual savings account (Isa) for staff who might not be able to save into a pension because of other financial pressures.

Estibaliz Lekuona, compensation and benefits manager at Pepsico UK and Ireland, said: “In the trends we are seeing post-recession, there are very different generations joining the workforce. It is really important to maximise the value of all benefits we offer to staff and that these can cater for very different employee needs. We are trying to introduce benefits that can do exactly that.”

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